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Although it stayed around a little longer than perhaps it should have done, this was a car that oozed charisma, with classic old shots of M6 Touring Cars making it one of the coolest cars the late seventies produced.That old M6 was a formidable thing for its day, packing 286bhp from its 3.5-litre V6, enough to propel it to 60mph in 6.2 seconds.That, at least, is the only reason I can imagine to explain why the absurd access to the i8 was deemed tolerable.

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Depreciation carbon dating

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In this lesson, our instructor Vincent Selhorst-Jones will teach you how to solve exponential and logarithmic equations.

0698The first thing: what kind of formula are we working with here?

0707Well, we have compounding, but not continuous compounding; so we go and look that up.0710It is principal, times 1 the rate, divided by the number of times that compounding occurs,0714raised to the number of times that the compounding occurs, times the amount of time elapsed in years.0721So, our principal investment here is P = 4700; and we know that, at time 5, at t = 5, we have 5457 dollars and 57 cents.0727So, $5457.57 is equal to..was our principal amount? 0743That is one of the things we don't know yet--we don't know what our rate is.0754And that is why we are setting up at t = 5, instead of just hopping immediately to the 10 years question:0758we need to figure out what our rate is first, so that is what we are figuring out now.07631 r/n; our n is quarterly, so that is an n of 4, because it happens four times in a year, in each of the four quarters of the year.0767So, 1 r/4, raised to the 4 times t--do we know what t is in this case?

Other facets of the i8 have impressed in its time with us; its daily duty consisted primarily of a 110-mile motorway commute, during which its average consumption hovered around the 35mpg mark.

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