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If they protest animal cruelty because they get off seeing their names in the papers, why should we care?The end result is the same - it may raise awareness or badly needed funds for programs.

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1 Nicholas Hytner, 51, the normally gregarious artistic director of the National Theatre, is perched on the tip of a chair in his office and choosing his words very carefully.

'I am trying to be absolutely rigorous,' he insists.

He prescribed two sets of IKEA self assembly wall units. Reminds me of the time I took my little sister with me as I got a hair cut. Got off the tube and there’s this homeless guy sat on the floor with a three legged dog.

Actally they looked OK, but I decided to opt for something that went together a bit more securely. She stood by the Barbers chair eating a cake when he turned to her and said ” you’re gonna get hair on your muffin”. Just as everyone’s forgetting that the Royal Wedding fucked the week up and cost 1,000’s of business £millions when they were forced to close, the palace release a couple of snaps to re-kindle public interest… ” “Wales you fucking prick”, one of them barked back. ” Britney Spears, yea I know, she’s no Rihanna, and she ain’t a patch on Beyonce either (or Christina or Katy Perry for that matter). He’s holding a sign saying “Please help, I’m Starving” and I’m just thinking, nah, he can’t be that fuckin’ hungry, he’s not even finished his dog yet!

CGM picked a more timeless old Hollywood look, pairing her ankle-length black dress with cute curls and a poppin' crimson lip.

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