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The tired walk-along-the-beach trope reflects a stereotype that equates disability with compromised mobility and limits.While the romance websites are flawed at best, at least they're entertaining the possibility that disabled people might go on dates, might participate in romantic encounters.At least they aren't trying to make the disabled invisible, or to assume that disabled people date only amongst themselves. Nonetheless, the predominant view of disabled dating is limiting and there is progress yet to make.

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The experience and expertise of travel agencies specializing in addressing the customized needs and requirements of disabled clients go a long way in alleviating future hassles and inconveniences during the trip.

Among other benefits, these tour operators help in the organization of wheelchair facility at the hotel rooms and airports and provide lift equipped or handicap vehicles to make commuting easier and less painful.

Note: This is a collaboration with Disabled Mate and includes but a few opinions of the dating scene.

Input has been provided by members of the Diversability Community but is not reflective of dating universally.

Traveling with a disability or any kind of physical limitation can be highly enduring and requires proper planning and application of well researched tips to make the act more enjoyable and less burdensome.

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