Drawing down moon dating review

Blimey, just gooogled them, fees range from £1,950 to £15,000.I reckon it would cost a huge amount to get someone to take me on - probably have to add a couple of zeros to that! There's a link to a free dating site which they run (that's more aligned to my budget! It's called Grown up Dating - blast that's no good for me either as I haven't grown up - nor am I in danger of that happeining this side of the next millennium!

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My brief there was to motivate and support those who’d missed out on educational opportunities and help them to realise their aspirations in life.

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Drawing Down the Moon was awarded ‘Best Customer Service 2016’ and ‘Best Matchmaking Agency 2015’ at the UKDA, with matchmaker Andrea Messent personally awarded ‘Best Matchmaker 2017’ at the i Date awards, and senior matchmaker and date coach Abi Jude named Finalist for ‘Best Date Coach 2017’.

We provide ongoing date coaching and matchmaking support between the dates that we send you on.

Perhaps the most important investment you will ever make, our tailored service delivered by an award-winning team of matchmakers is designed to suit your individual needs. To find out more please call us on 02 for a confidential and friendly conversation to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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