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Via the Maven index you can search for dependencies, select them and add them to your pom file.

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Figure 3.11, “Materializing a Maven Project” shows the wizard after choosing to materialize Maven projects: Notice that the dialog box for Maven artifacts in Figure 3.11, “Materializing a Maven Project” is empty. In order to add a project, you must click the Upon entering a query, candidate dependencies will be located in the local Maven repository.

After a few seconds of indexing the local Maven repository, the list of candidate dependencies appears.

command in Eclipse and then filtering the options by entering the word maven in the filter field.

As noted above, there are three options available for importing a Maven project into Eclipse including: Maven Projects, Check out Maven Project from Subversion, and Materialize Maven Projects.

When you work with software projects in Eclipse, you often need to refer to third-party libraries in your project.

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