Adult rulettechat - Emmerdale stars dating

She joined the cast of Emmerdale in 2005 replacing Emily Mather. I’m the opposite of Belle really, which I think is why she’s such fun to play.If she were to be just like her character then her dating lifestyle would be different. Earlier this year, Ed shared a cute snap of the couple as they celebrated their first anniversary.You have seen the stunning Scarlett Archer in Emmerdale, White Island, and The river among her other works.

The couple started dating in 2015 after meeting through a mutual friend at a house party.

Judging by her fame and nature, she could've dated any big star from the Hollywood, but she choose not to and the decision seems to be rewarding as well.

The ITV Yorkshire production included an endless amount of actors who were cast and then left the show just to return a few years later.

Some actors stayed for a considerably long time, some characters were replaced by different stars over the years and others have had small performances that left long lasting impressions.

Michelle Hardwick is still "good pals" with her ex-wife.

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