Error updating jscript intellisense with backdating

When type inference does not provide the desired information, type information may be provided explicitly with JSDoc annotations.

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They would not fork or change the j Query code but ship it as is.

Microsoft also announced that they would distribute Intelli Sense-annotated documentation Java Script files for Visual Studio 2008 that developers can reference in their files to enable Intelli Sense for j Query.

This contains our menu HTML element, this is just a simple HTML UL tag to make our menus but if you already have one then use that instead.

We set the z-index very high since we don’t want any other absolute element to be on top of our navigation and add with in percent to the center menu while scrolling.

Type declaration files are written in Type Script so they can express the data types of parameters and functions, allowing VS Code to provide a rich Intelli Sense experience.

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