Naughty webcam chat for iphone - Error validating name joining domain

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cl1::vserver services name-service dns create -cifs-server file02 -domain gym-hksb.local -ou CN=Computers In order to create an Active Directory machine account for the CIFS server, you must supply the name and password of a Windows account with sufficient privileges to add computers to the"CN=Computers" container within the "GYM-HKSB. Enter the user name: administrator Enter the password: Error: Machine account creation procedure failed [ 1002] Loaded the preliminary configuration.

[ 1730] Created a machine account in the domain [ 1732] Successfully connected to ip .1, port 445 using TCP [ 1833] Unable to connect to LSA service on dc01.gym-hksb.local (Error: RESULT_ERROR_SPINCLIENT_SOCKET_RECEIVE_ERROR) [ 1835] Successfully connected to ip .3, port 445 using TCP [ 1937] Unable to connect to LSA service on dc02.gym-hksb.local (Error: RESULT_ERROR_SPINCLIENT_SOCKET_RECEIVE_ERROR) [ 1937] No servers available for MS_LSA, vserver: 4, domain: gym-hksb.local.**[ 1937] FAILURE: Unable to make a connection** (LSA: GYM-HKSB.

LOCAL), result: 6940 [ 1937] Could not find Windows SID 'S-1-5-21-1131981276-2882716370-3949356162-512' [ 1944] Deleted existing account 'CN=FILE02, CN=Computers, DC=gym-hksb, DC=local' Error: command failed: Failed to create the Active Directory machine account "FILE02". ping to Domain successfultime zone on Domain and Netapp correct Any idea to solve this?

Hello, I have an Apache installation on Ubuntu Trusty with a previous certificate made with openssl. Because there are now a few websites on the host, I did tried to remove openssl and installed certbot, but can't obtain an vaild certificate with certbot --apache.

If anyone has an Idea on how to fix without reinstall from scratch, it would be a great help for me.

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