Form validating event not firing validating zip code

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The error message will show up, but then when another field is focused, the error class disappears from the element (well the element wrapper), and it is also kind of a kludgy way of doing it.

Would it be possible to have validator also listen to on change events as well?

I put a break in the server code and it doesn't break. I'm new to ASP and VS2005 so I'm probably missing something. NET 1.1 there was an issue with validation not firing with Fire Fox and some other browsers.

I've set the "Control To Validate" to the right text box. Thanks If you have a button that should trigger validation try putting this code in the top of the event handler (for the button) Page. Valid) return; Technically in most instances you don't need the Page. I've observed that sometimes Update Panels will result in validation not firing as expected and Page. That is when I developed the habit of including the Valid check. It appears there is a hierarchy in the Validation scheme.

NET controls is in the order in which they fire the Lost Focus and Validate events.

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