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Rather, consider this list a highlight reel of our favorite lady-power moments of the year. Louis Family's Tiny House Will Be Smaller Than Your Kitchen Wright is building a new house for her family -- a place of their own, a true home, she says -- but this isn't your typical house. Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis Meet the First Four Gay Couples to Marry in St. Sasha Pain Webcam Girl Sasha Pain Comes to Ferguson, Will Donate Sex Video Proceeds to Protesters Pain and two friends drove for 34 nonstop hours from San Francisco to help demonstrators in Ferguson.In no particular order, meet fifteen badass ladies who ruled the news this year: Mom-To-Be Bares Her Belly, Poses with Cop Cars in Delmar Loop Photo Shoot Itzkowitz caught a lot of flack for her urban maternity photo shoot, first from catcallers in the Delmar Loop, then from obnoxious Riverfront Times commenters and finally from delusional photographers who hounded her (and us) to say she'd "stolen" their idea of taking pictures of pregnant ladies outside. Wright, her boyfriend and their baby August will move into a "micro house," 190 square feet of space built onto a 25-foot trailer. Louis Duschack and Davis married in a secret ceremony in the office of St. The morning after her wedding, an emotional Davis told supporters, "When that torch was passed to me, when I had an opportunity to pick up that torch, I need to wake up every morning and know I took it and ran with it." The newlyweds have been together for more than four years and grow specialty-cut flowers at their urban St. Pain, who makes webcam sex videos, didn't stop working just because she was on the road.

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