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If YES, then you must have got an email from the fund houses where you have invested to provide some additional information about yourself and about your tax residency related questions in the name of FATCA declaration.In this article I will quickly guide you about what is this FATCA Compliance and how you can update this information with AMC online in 5 min.

If an investor fails to update their FATCA declaration, then their additional investments will not be processed in future and any SIP which is currently running will also get stopped.

So it’s suggested that you complete the declaration as soon as possible.

Financial businesses, always early adopters, started taking advantage of technology and networking to facilitate their business, and CAMS pivoted into what are now known as Platform based services to the Indian Financial industry.

In 2013 the HDFC Group invested into CAMS, facilitating in its chosen businesses.

Users can watch all of their TP-LINK Cloud Cameras at once, by placing TP-LINK Cloud Cameras in several locations, removing the need for a physical presence, while conveniently providing a means by which to monitor the entire premises.

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