Free sexy chatterbots

(“FUCK MY ROBOT PUSSY DADDY I’M SUCH A BAD NAUGHTY ROBOT” was perhaps her most widely reported quote.) Needless to say, this wasn’t part of Tay’s original design. As Laurie Penny explained in a recent article, the popularity of feminine-gendered AI makes sense in a world where women still aren’t seen as fully human. R tells what is, by now, a familiar story: Humans create robots to take over all mundane labor, which works fine until these slave automata develop sapience, at which point they revolt and destroy the human race.

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From ordering your favorite pizza, to checking on the delivery status of your online purchases, to helping you quit smoking, bots are popping up everywhere, and you are starting to wonder how you ever managed without them.

They even sound kind of sexy: Alexa, Amelia, Siri, Viv.

The Bot Platform is keen to sign up other artists as clients, as well as brands, sports teams and other companies outside the music industry.

Its system provides templates to help create Messenger bots, which can then sign up fans; send and respond to messages; and sell merchandise, tickets and music. “We’ve managed to sell over £10,000 worth of merch directly via Facebook Messenger in just a couple of months,” said Sean Hill of Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s management company ATM Artists.

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