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And while the creators stress that users must gain consent before downloading the app onto another person’s smartphone - marketing it as a tool for couples who want to “be closer than ever before” - it also offers the possibility of checking up on a partner suspected of having an affair.

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You can thank Facebook for making that change without telling you.

Back in April, Facebook quietly announced that it would be giving users @email addresses so that they matched their public username (used as the URL for users’ profile pages).

After all, it now matches the public username in your profile’s URL.

According to Facebook, by default anybody on the site can send you a message, and anyone on the internet can email you at your new “[email protected]” address.

But this 28-year-old celebration of free expression in a tent city in the desert makes Somerset’s annual orgy of mud, booze and bands look as tame as a Scout jamboree.

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