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Der Adapter wiederum ist, wie die herkömmliche Top Hat®Classic, mit dem Holzschaft verschraubt.

Crowds gathered in cities and towns including Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Townsville as part of the inaugural March for Science, which is taking place in 500 locations worldwide.

He said marchers were calling on politicians to take note that the public wanted policy based on fact."The gaps that we see between what science tells us and what we actually see being translated into policy is very large, particularly when you look at things like climate change and the Great Barrier Reef," Professor Khan said."We're calling on politicians to make laws that are based on evidence that are appropriate for our future …

Schwerpunkte Ich vertrete das Mittelalter von seinen Anfängen bis zu der Epochengrenze um 1500.

Einige meiner Studien liegen im Bereich der frühchristlichen Archäologie.

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