Gay asian men dating

As a white gay man who has never experienced what it is like to be a racial minority, I want to begin by recognizing the frustration that many non-white gay men experience on a daily basis in our community.

A friend pointed me to a blog called Angry Homosexual where a (presumably) asian gay man lists why gay asian men shouldn’t date white guys.

I don’t agree with most of it and it seems awfully bitter but there’s a bit: “2.

So you may be shy, skinny, short, hesitant, and as a result, you’ve grown discouraged and isolated yourself in front of your computer watching minutes fall off the clock, your life ending one agonizing minute at a time. And it’s even worse when one doesn’t possess the aptitude to excel in this very math-heavy field of study.

The only thing WRONG about computer science is majoring in it because you feel obligated by your parents to do so.

In retrospect, I have graduated with a degree in Computer Science like my engineering father so desperately wanted me to do, but I didn’t want to spend my life’s eternity doing something I hated. It’s an extremely useful skill set to have, especially in this day and age.

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