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Indeed, drinking, eating and sex seemed to have gone hand in hand in the homes of ancient Greece.

Presenting her research on prostitution in classical Athens, Allison Glazebrook of Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario, agreed that interpreting the physical evidence of Greek remains is a challenge.

In some cases, she argued, buildings believed to be simple homes were instead "porneia," dedicated to prurient activities.

Suspecting that archaeologists were missing something, Blazeby reviewed artifacts unearthed at several private houses across the Greek mainland, dating from 475 to 323 B. She was struck by the fact that some houses had yielded hundreds of drinking cups — far too many even for well-off families hosting lavish parties.

The most likely explanation, according to Blazeby, is that Greek homes doubled as pubs.

And that is very, very rare." Vlashopoulos, who uncovered the site on the Greek island of Astypalaia, dates the carvings to the fifth and sixth centuries B.

C., which would make them some of the oldest erotic grafitti ever found.

And since self-reports about attraction, dating, and sex are less than reliable — consider any time you’ve asked or been asked about the lifetime number of sexual partners you or someone else has had — speed dating provides a pretty sound methodology. To gather their daters, Jauk and company found people on social media and through the University of Graz website.

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