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Some people say it even helps with cramps or can shorten your period! I love huge-ass lecture classes, because they give me informal carte blanche to do literally whatever the fuck I want other than paying attention to what's going on. It is soooo easy to bring a pillow, slide out of your seat, and take a quick nap. Online shopping: This is my favorite because sometimes people around you will chime in with opinions. Crowdsource a consensus, because everyone is probably looking at your screen anyway.

Gaming: Whether it's something on their laptop or they've brought a DS, you will be surprised at the number of people will decide that a Bio lecture is the best time to be playing Pok? I'm waiting for someone to sneak in an entire console.

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And I have been practicing what we have been talking about.

- Mike 45 So, go ahead and sign up to work with me, Marni, below.

All I wanted to do was kiss her, but I was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t like it.

Later in high school, I crushed hard on a friend named Abbie.

According to Downers Grove police reports, in early July Rep.

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