Hostile and intimidating

Our Indianapolis hostile work environment attorneys represent the rights of individuals throughout Indiana who have been subjected to a hostile work environment that ultimately lead to their resignation.It is important to understand that while your boss may be intimidating, confrontational, or may seem to create a hostile work environment, only a small percentage of claims constitute hostile work environment under Indiana law.Harassment is defined under UCF’s Regulation 3.001 as subjecting an individual “to verbal or physical conduct, based on a protected category …, which due to the severity and pervasiveness of the conduct, (i) has the purpose or effect of creating an objectively intimidating, hostile or offensive work, educational or business environment; and (ii) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s employment, schooling, or business with the University.” This also is referred to as a hostile work environment claim and is prohibited by UCF.

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“Harassment” andhostile work environment” – what do these terms really mean under the law, and equally important, under UCF policy?

“Harassment” is a form of employment discrimination that violates state and federal law, as well as university policy.

You are encouraged to document every aspect of the situation as early as possible, while your memory is still fresh.

Your employer is required to make an immediate investigation of any complaints regarding a hostile work environment and to take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

Harassment negatively impacts the entire workforce, not just the employee who believes the harassment is directed at him or her.

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