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is a website that provides resources for Illinois same sex couples who want to get married or have a commitment ceremony.

The L Stop is an online resource for Chicago’s lesbian community that has article with a wide range of topics.

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The non-jury court proceeded with the trial of his two co-accused in Mr Evans’ absence.

A victim impact statement from Eithne Butterly, wife of the victim, was read to the court Friday morning.

Since these minor infections are easily transmitted through both oral and anal sex and some, like syphilis, can still be easily transmitted when using condoms, all of your recent sexual activity counts.

For some of the other infections, such as HPV or herpes, public health authorities do not suggest testing for these.

This being said, individual female-identified people from diverse ethnic groups, including African-Americans, embrace the term ‘lesbian’ as an identity label. Coming Out The Human Rights Campaign has an article about coming out as lesbian. option=com_content&task=view&id=730&Itemid=336 An online brochure from Advocates for Youth.

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