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Dear Women, I'm a guy that likes superhero films and video games.

There is one thing I've observed across the board, however. Your utter delight only puts our relatively rare kind in a strongly favourable position. Maybe you'd like to get to know this rare breed of men I speak of. We are smart - certainly smart enough to know unequivocally what or who makes us happy.

Every woman has always been surprised at the person that I was to her. And we're smart enough to do everything we can do to stay happy.

“When a woman tells someone, ‘you’re too nice,’ what she really means is that she wants a man who is a little more adventurous and risky,” explains Dr. “If you have been 100% yourself, don’t change,” advises Hall.

“Don’t try and act tough and unreliable in an effort to seem less ‘nice,’ because it will almost certainly backfire — and it won’t ring true for either of you.” Not everyone is used to kind behavior from the opposite sex; perhaps you’re freaking her out by being a gentleman on dates.

Which means you’ve also spent sleepless nights beating yourself up, wondering what you could have done differently, asking friends how you could have turned things around.

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