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You may get lots of texts, because those can be sent easily no matter what the situation, but real human interaction is tough to spare.Does he have a load of reasons why you can’t go to his place?

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Fast-forward to 1876, and along comes Becky Thatcher seducing Tom Sawyer with -- you guessed it -- her “yellow hair plaited into two long tails.” Though Becky in Mark Twain’s world is less conniving and more a symbol of an unattainable, beautiful girl, it’s the start of a trend.

In 1938, Daphne du Maurier sets up the ex that will haunt us all in her novel .

I mean I’m all for younger men but there’s a limit. Even the seemingly straightforward and direct ‘it’ll cost you your name, a six-digit number and a date with me tomorrow at nine’ only resulted in confusion and rejection.

Women have long been up to no good in the eccentric world of Jack White's songs.

I can only conclude that, unlike Craig David, I am simply not Born To Do It.

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