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In the buildup to the 2016 election, however, the phrase was adopted by the Trump-loving white supremacists of the alt-right, who exploited the phrase’s emasculative qualities to denigrate “beta males” with insults like “cucktard” and “cuckservative.”Doing so, they’ve alienated those who take the term literally.

They take on new meanings and connotations that, on some occasions, serve to obscure their original definitions. Historically, to be a cuckold is to be the husband of an adulterous wife and, by extension, to be emasculated and humiliated.

Marrying a younger wife can be a a dream come true - she's so hormonal that you can just pull her panties down ANYTIME and find yourself a wet pussy; she's not very experienced but is always eager to learn; her tight body is so much better than Viagra.

” These rumors regarding Ohanian and Williams dating are rather surprising, considering the amount of speculation that had been previously linking Serena with the rapper and singer Drake over the last few months.

Drake and Serena Williams, who had originally been linked with each other back in 2011, allegedly rekindled their relationship back in August.

Whilst many sites claim that the origins of the word are shrouded in mystery, an article on Mel Magazine details its journey from a 12th century poem, through to Shakespeare's , and then finally its appearance in the relative mainstream during Gamer Gate.

The article goes on to argue that the word reached common parlance around July 2015, just after Donald Trump announced his candidacy, primarily drawing on data from Twitter.

As such, he’s not very pleased with the alt-right’s simplification of the term.

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