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The former is especially selective: it relies on stereotypes and presents Holland.The unintentional projected image created in four travel guides is less stereotyped.Most of the sights tourists visit or gaze upon are already known to them.

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Jailing him for 20 months, Judge Paul Batty QC, told Jackson about the incident with the child: “That was a revolting thing to do.

This was exploitation of a friendship which has devastated the mother of that child and one would well understand that.” Jackson, of Horner Street, Clifton, pleaded guilty to producing an illegal sexual image of a child and possessing extreme pornography and indecent images.

Most troubling for Viacom and CBS, Johnson began probing the intersection of Redstone's personal and professional lives, asking Holland whether she met Redstone on a Millionaire Matchmaker dating website, whether household staff was forced to take a "lie detector" test to maintain employment and whether Redstone had added Holland to his will.

The latter suggestion is especially sensitive because any change to his will by Redstone, who at various points has been at odds with daughter Shari and son Brent, could alter not just the dispensation of his assets but also the stakes in his two media companies.

Redstone, whose health is said to be declining (he has missed recent earnings calls for CBS and Viacom), reportedly has picked his trustees, including Viacom CEO Philippe and Shari, 61, who will make decisions about the holding company National Amusements after his death.

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