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[Singing.] “I’ma be down / I’ma be down / down with the clown / ’til I’m dead in the ground.” It was saying, “It’s here, it’s alive, this is official, and I’ma be down forever. Everything was taking shape prior to that, but really after Riddle Box came out, not during the making of Riddle Box, but after Riddle Box came out, everything took form. It doesn’t use a whole lot of California-style slang to it, West Coast-style words or slang, even when we’re telling a story or something. Even when we’re telling a story talking about we’re jumping a car, or crossing the front lawn, those things matter, because if you live in New York you don’t have a front lawn. I had my verse on there and Shaggy had his verse on there, and there was no chorus. We had to take Pro Tools, and we had to cleverly hook it up so you couldn’t tell. Because he just went from the start, [Screaming.] “BITCHEEEES!! So we had to take pieces that he put at the beginning and paste them over to the end, and spread them throughout the whole song. It was a kind of deal like, “Go ahead, keep the briefcase.” [Laughs.] He opened it, shut it, and then he went downstairs and did his rap. ” and he said, “Yeah” and he thanked me for saying his name in my rap, and I was like, “Shit, thank you.” When he did his verse, he said my name in his rap. And he also gave a shout-out to Gangsta Fun, he mentioned their name as well, and he was just a real team player. “Another Love Song” (from 1999’s The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) VJ: That was a take-off of a Beck song [“Jack-Ass”].

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" Your dad would probaly start trippin and get me pissed, I'd have to walk up and bust him in his fuckin lips.

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