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By Sunday, the movie had gone from around 80 votes to nearly 1,000, dragging its average down considerably (as of this afternoon, had 1,082 votes and a 4.5 score).

And the bulk of these scores came from voters who provided the site with no biographical data, making them essentially anonymous—and, to the filmmakers, very suspect.

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La fin des ts; Humanoids from the Deep; World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen; Fai chai tong mung; Het Verlangen; Voor Elkaar Gemaakt; Contratiempo; Lost in the Pacific; Time Raiders; Operation Dunkirk; Chuen lik kau saat; i Girl; Watchers II; The Graveyard; Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!

; (more...) (Shoe Shine; Lustrabotas; Schuhputzer; Vtimas da Tormenta; Schuschia; El limpiabotas; Sciuscia - viattomat; Loustro papoutsion; Fik a rcs mgtt; Dzieci ulicy; Ungdomsfngelset; Kaldirim ocuklari; Shoe-Shine)(John Christie, der Frauenwrger von London; Kvleren fra Rillington Place; El estrangulador de Rillington Place; Rillingtonin kuristaja; L'trangleur de Rillington Place; L'assassino di Rillington Place n.

It claims the decision was based on traffic, as users turn to social media as their place of choice to discuss films.

"After in-depth discussion and examination, we have concluded that IMDb's message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide,” a statement on the site reads.

Just before the Fourth of July this year, my boyfriend and I tried recruiting some friends to join us to see (and then verbally bash) “Independence Day: Resurgence.” It was a tough sell. To us, overeating buttery popcorn is the perfect way to spend any date night.

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