Interracial dating in quebec city canada

If a white man only dates Asian women, though, everyone seems to assume he is a ‘creep.’ That’s not fair.

Especially since many cultures identify with specific religions and moral upbringings, it's hard to get them to work.

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Non-whites make up more than 45 per cent of residents in each metropolis.

A surprise in the report, however, is that the city of Victoria, with only 11 per cent of residents belonging to a visible minority, comes in third in Canada for the proportion of couples in mixed unions, at 7.2 per cent.

When comparing the proportion of all visible minorities who take part in mixed unions, this new Statistics Canada data reveals that only nine per cent of visible minorities in Metro Vancouver are in mixed unions. But in Victoria the data shows a whopping 30 per cent of them are in mixed unions.

(Photo: Peter Shanks) Metro Vancouver has more couples in mixed unions per capita than any other Canadian city.

Some parents are cool with it, while others don't seem to take it well.

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