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In an Out Systems application that uses local cache to store query or action results, each Front-End stores the cache data into its own process memory using it as a cache storage.

This method tracks data changes by extracting metadata from update or delete queries or from within SQL comments.

Scale Arc’s auto cache invalidation feature uses the transparent No SQL technology by extracting metadata from the query and tagging the cache objects used to associate cache entries with invalidation queries.

Statamic will do this automatically when we detect changes to files or explicitly do so from the Control Panel, but since you can customize this behavior, it’s good for you to know how to do it yourself.

To clear the Stache (and refresh any content or settings), you can delete enabled and is powered by magic.

Generally this means that the code must invoke the appropriate methods, e.g., Http Session.invalidate() in Java and Session.abandon() in . Clearing the cookies from the browser is a nice touch, but is not strictly necessary, since if the session is properly invalidated on the server, having the cookie in the browser will not help an attacker.

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