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On the other side, they are always more influenced by the influx of global culture, which is moulding people lifestyles and visions of reality.Despite the government censorship on blogs, international news sources, and social networks - exacerbated after the ‘green movement’ which shook the country in 2009 - the impact of the medias have accelerated an unprecedented process of transformation amongst Iran’s youth.

Last week Lyon concluded his research and presented a summary of his findings to WPP.

Yesterday, I was informed by Lars Boering, managing director of WPP, that the jury had concluded its deliberations and “”In recent years, World Press Photo had to deal with less ambiguous, but publicly debated issues over pixel manipulation and extreme use of Photoshop.

Her background as an actor, before she joined politics, has added colour to the conversation around her.

There could be, and must be, debates about her role as a former HRD minister.

When Charlize first announced the category alongside Shirley Mac Laine, the ILNA censored her shoulders and chest using a blurry black drawing.

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