Is reggie bush still dating kim

, January joked that her kind of man was the type with “a ball in their hand.” When she revealed that she slept with Angel Brinks’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Tyreke Evans, drama with Angel ensued. Well, back in 2010 she was rumored to be Reggie Bush’s mistress and was blamed for his breakup with Kim Kardashian.According to her bio, January (who also goes by January Ryan) originally posted to IMDb, January disputes that label, and her bio explains “Scandal hit and January found herself front and center in the middle of a tabloid nightmare after a night out with friends.

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In 2013, Bush's then-girlfriend Lilit Avagyan gave birth to daughter Briseis. You'll recognize her from those Old Navy commercials — and the fact that she bears more than a passing resemblance to Kim.

The couple had been dating for only a year and a half at that point. Get this: Avagyan and Molinaro are both accomplished dancers (and look pretty flawless in a wedding gown).

They met, they married, they've graced the covers of magazines and they've become one of the most divisive, discussed celebrity power couples of the 21st century.

But lost somewhere between the haters and the hype is the notion that the love story of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may just be Kanye West is an artist who doesn't shy away from expressing exactly what he's thinking at any given moment, for better (saying truth to power about society's ingrained racism) or worse (interrupting teenagers in the midst of accepting awards).

If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians since the very beginning, you'll remember that Kim dated NFL player Reggie Bush. With 12 seasons of the show behind us, it's easy to forget that Kardashian and Bush dated for three years. If you need to set up a little binge-watch to refresh your memory, we'll let you get to it.

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