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Carrie: Great love stories are supposed to end with tragedy and tears, not papers from the law offices of Gold & Vogel. But not before the wedding, it's supposed to be my week. Carrie: Charlotte treated marriage like a sorority she was desperately hoping to pledge.

I get reader mail asking for a collection of Sex in the City quotes.

Very often, people mistake the name of HBO's hit series as sex in the city. Samantha: "Best" is like saying "not love."Berger, Prada Salesguy: But you will wear it forever! Does it also somehow open into a small studio apartment?

[first lines] Carrie: [voice over narration] Once upon a time in a magical land called Manhattan a young woman fell in love. I'd love to own my own gallery, and maybe a little cottage in Maine. Carrie: [voice over narration] The closest Charlotte had ever come to getting screwed on a plane was the time she lost all her luggage in a flight from Palm Beach.

Charlotte and Jack locked eyes at a black tie benefit for Epstein/Barr. They've been officially dating since retinus pigmentosis. Architect, philanthropist, and the sex was amazing. Jack: Well, actually I meant more like uh, screwing in an airplane bathroom kind of fantasies. Charlotte York: [When asked about her fantasies] Well, I've always wanted to do it in my parents' bed.

When someone asks me how long I've been with my girlfriend, I always pause a moment before answering so they can get ready for what I’m about to say.

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