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There is also a continuation of the ongoing NYC vs Brooklyn "friendly competition", as well a reminder of the downside of gentrification. Sachs and his frequent collaborator and co-writer Mauricio Zacharias kick off the story with Greg Kinnear's Brian awkwardly exchanging greetings with Paulina Garcia' s (so terrific in Gloria, 2013) Leonor while the son's of these two share an equally awkward meeting.

Leonor is the long-time tenant in the dress shop located below the apartment where Brian's recently deceased father resided.

The first drawings of Jake are inspired by the Percy Jackson book series, given not of their titles "Sky of Camp Jupiter" and "Ella de Harpy." One of the books is even mentioned by Tony when he first meets Jake: "The Blood of Olympus." See more » Greetings again from the darkness.

There is a lot going on in this latest from writer/director Ira Sachs, and every bit of it provides some commentary on the basic everyday life struggles faced by normal folks.

It turns out their dad never raised the rent despite the number of years and the developing neighborhood.

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