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He became widely referred to in fandom as Papa Ackles, a name Jared Padalecki reportedly called him faninohio on TWOP during his attendance at A Few Good Men in 2007.On May 15, 2010 Jensen married actress Danneel Harris.Jensen attended Dartmouth Elementary School until 1990, Apollo Junior High School until 1993 and graduated from Lloyd V.

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although she's handled by another agent at the firm.

Powerful Hollywood talent agent Sam Gores is in the process of splitting from his client -- and wife -- ex-soap actress Jensen Buchanan ... Gores -- who's chairman of the Paradigm Talent Agency -- filed for a legal separation from Buchanan ... Professionally, Buchanan is represented by Gores' agency, Paradigm ...

On a recent visit to the home of the 50 years and counting daytime drama, we caught up with Zucker to talk about all of those emotional story lines, what it was like auditioning for the role, and making out with some of daytime's hottest men. I remember they were on a nationwide search when they used to do those.

I happened to go to a wedding with my boyfriend at the time, and a junior agent there saw me and was like, "Is she an actress?

Arianne: Yeah, and they sent me eight pages of dialogue the night before to see if I could memorize all the dialogue. I remember, my first day we were out in Salem Place, when we used to have the outside set, and it's winter.

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