problems dating black men - Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

I've tried to debug, and check the console and it's running through the whole 800 records.

I don't get any error, but only the first record is inserted.

It depends on how you run Wild Fly, usually is the file of interest What does the get A look like?

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This way, the dirty checking mechanism can detect any state change and propagate it to the database.

I'm running the following code to update the database according to the data I read from CSV file.

In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.

When switching from Hibernate to JPA a lot of people are dismayed to find that method missing. And figuring out what piece of code persisted (or merged or retrieved) that other entity is harder than figuring out why we get a "detached entity passed to persist" message.

From JPA perspective, an entity is new when it has never been associated with a database row, meaning that there is no table record in the database to match the entity in question.

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