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That's not the case with K9 Web Protection, however: it doesn't do a great deal, but what it does, it does well.

Unlike some parental control software that works on applications such as chat rooms and instant messaging, this is solely a website blocking tool.

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We also have a very very active chatroom with epi chat 3 times a week for Epil-K9 members only Epil-K9 is truly an extended family giving hope, help and support to its many members. COM For all of them, you must send an email to [email protected] Type ONLY the words which are NOT enclosed in parentheses.

Please Note: This is a very large and active list and it generates a lot of mail. You may leave the list at any time by sending a SIGNOFF EPIL-K9 command to [email protected] HELP: (Gives you basic commands) SET EPIL-K9 DIGESTS (You will stop receiving each message at the time it is sent to the List, and will instead receive a daily log from the List containing all the individual messages. This saves diskspace.) SET EPIL-K9 NODIGESTS :(You will resume receiving individual messages instead of the daily log) SET EPIL-K9 NOMAIL: (Temporarily suspends your mail while you are on vacation, busy, etc. Unsubscribe if you are no longer interested in receiving EPIL-K9 mail) SET EPIL-K9 MAIL :(Resumes your temporarily suspended mail, whether individual or digests) CHANGE EPIL-K9 new-address: (To change your email address.

Once you have been subscribed, you will receive a list of instructions on how to post messages and other commands.

Please keep them in a mail box in your electronic mail program, you will need them to manage your subscription. COM Leave the subject line blank and put the appropriate command in the body of the message. If you have a signature file, disable that feature before sending your message or your commands may not take effect.

They do everything from guarding posts and facilities to tracking the enemy to bomb detection and combat defense.

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