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” Landers adds: “There’s a great chance of an excellent album – we already have six very good songs.” The band have also release a video for tour which saw the band play 78 shows across Europe and 21 more in North America.

A statement on the release reads: “With 22 songs from the band’s whole repertoire, the resulting film isn’t just the most spectacular concert film to date about the band that is currently the most successful German rock band – it’s a masterpiece of music cinema.

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For actors, stylists and designers, the lead-up to the red carpet for any major awards show involves weeks of preparation, fittings and debate over which brands will be aligned with which stars.

In terms of visibility, getting worn by a major celebrity can work wonders for smaller designers, but the truth is that the red carpet is still most often lined with a selection of more established fashion houses.

As for Rammstein’s first full-length since 2009, we’ll have to remain patient for the six-piece to keep rounding up new tracks.

Rammstein are going above and beyond in preparation for their next album.

The band revealed in an interview that they have "35 songs almost finished" for a new full-length.

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