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Chastain made her film debut in the drama Jolene (2008), and gained wide recognition in 2011 for starring roles in half a dozen films, including the dramas Take Shelter and The Tree of Life.

Her performance as an aspiring socialite in The Help earned her an Academy Award nomination.

She has done everything right to deserve that tag though as she has been nominated for huge awards. Edit She married David Adkins back in the year 1995 and started to live as husband and wife.

Sadly their relationship could not go forever and it ended in a divorce. Edit The couple went through divorce in the year 2000.

, Laura Prepon plays the ultimate bodaciously boobtastic redheaded child of the Me Decade and embodies everything Mr.

Skin would like to embrace from that titillating time: natural tits, all-out ass, and mmm-mmm muff! Skin for the full bio Taylor Schilling reminisces about her good times showering, starting out with her lesbian adventures with Laura Prepon where they are topless and making out. Then she's soaking her shock absorbers in a bathtub with Jason Biggs, and lastly she's being complimented on her "TV titties" in the prison showers.

In 1998, she made her professional stage debut as Shakespeare's Juliet.

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