Laws of dating in canada

A 19th century statute compels the federal government to print new laws each year on paper.

Senior officials with Public Services and Procurement Canada are trying to change that.

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In the eyes of the law a marriage is an equal partnership.

So, whether a spouse is responsible for running the household or earning family income, their contribution to the relationship is equally important.

Property that was brought into your marriage is yours to keep, but any increases in the value of this property during the duration of marriage must be shared.” This theory is applied to most The Matrimonial home is the place where you and your spouse reside at the time of separation/divorce.

Unlike other property, if you owned the matrimonial home on the date of marriage, you do not receive any credit for it when you separate.

Under Canada’s Constitution, each province and territory is responsible for laws regarding the division and/or equalization of family or marital property, and these laws can vary from one province or territory to another.

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