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He was also fond of dressing up in a cloak and playing ethereal music on the glass harmonica whilst this was happening.

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So I thought I would ask this stranger where he got my number from and now I find out this is a scam. I am with telus for about 10 years and this has never happened before. Oh wow, so many of you guys had the exact same thing? I also received a text message say hi its bludevilgirl come see if you recognize me at date I immediately searched google and have noticed other people are saying its spam and I agree so delete the message and move on to the next. but telus should be able to tell us where the messages are origionating.

I just got this message from a person saying the exact same thing only they told me to go to kiny0909. Because I got a text message from lonewolf624 telling me he got my number from a friend and to find out how he looks like to go lonewolf624. lonewolf624 can be found on this site: Mate1I as well received the exact same text message today with him reporting the same site, but he is on the first site I mentioned. HEy I Just got a Ms G saying Egzact words : Hey, i got your number from a friends of mine. My name's Psychocutie_p080 if you wanna come see if you recognize me online, at Psychocutie_p080.well,hope to see you soon! Not sure but I have a facebook account and my cell number is on my hotmail account maybe that is how this weirdo is getting these numbers from?

I just received a smiliar text as the above stated ones saying "Guess who! Talk to you woon (I hope)i noticed these seem to be probs from telus phones....telus been selling off our number somehow? My name's swe3t_bunw8t, if you wanna come see you recognize me online at swe3t_bunw8t.Well, hope to see you soon!

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