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Then THIS review will make your jaw drop Hey buddy.By now you should know that this article won’t be a hymn of praise for the exceptionally beautiful city that Manila is definitely not.The girls you meet will likely be spread out in different areas of the city, and there really aren’t that great of date spots here.

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What was even worse was that every girl I approached either thought I would want to buy her or they were so desperate that they wanted to marry me after a few seconds.

I felt a strong need to escape from this horrible place.

There is something about those ladies that is hard to put in words.

Thanks to social media, the Internet and various dating apps, the love life of Filipino singles remains a lively but complex landscape filled with possibilities, dashed hopes, terrible dates and illicit relationships, as well as a constant search for committed relationships.

It was an excessive time and even though I spent most of my time in Thailand I also had the pleasure to visit the Philippines.

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