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Police said they were called to the crash around p.m. The most serious charges Cumba faces are homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence, which carry a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in prison.“‘Timeless,’ the top pick in USA Today’s Save Our Shows poll, won’t return for a second season,” writes our good friend Gary Levin in the Gannett newspaper.We present ourselves in a certain way and put a lot of spiritual value and self-confidence into those presentations.

It’s hard to really grasp just what the subplot is about, and how it fits into the character arcs of the season and the general themes of “Weathering Heights.” To the episode’s credit, there’s a connection between all the subplots this week that keeps things running smoothly, as “Weather Heights” continues the upwards trend of this season started by last week’s solid outing.

“Weathering Heights” is largely about how we establish, modify, and reckon with our sense of self. We put a lot of stock into who we are and the way we live.

It’s nobody’s fault, and these things can’t be predicted, but every now and then an episode of TV, or a movie, or some other form of entertainment comes along at a time when what’s happening in the real world changes our understanding of what we’re watching.

Sometimes that process enriches the art, and sometimes it detracts from it. I mention this at the top of the review because, for me at least, there’s almost no way to separate Haley’s storyline on Modern Family tonight from today’s multiple revelations about Donald Trump’s history of sexual abuse towards young and underage women.

- Police have filed charges in connection with a crash that killed a West Reading man on Route 183 in Bern Township in April. Police said the crash occurred when a southbound Toyota Corolla, driven by Cumba, began to pass a southbound Volkswagen Jetta at a high rate of speed on the two-lane road.

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