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But I cannot just call a girl who is not a sex worker; I only call people who I know are sex workers. You know men can promise you the whole world but after your services they either refuse to pay you the exact amount or even pay more considering the services you have given him.

In other circumstances, girls call and ask me to get them clients, they then state their conditions that I must fulfill for example how much they want to be paid, how far they can go with the client and what they can do together. Are there other pimps in the city or you work alone?

- Kenyans are appalled by a new video which has been making rounds online- it shows a man and a woman simulating sex at one of the many drinking dens in Nairobi - A snippet of the three-minute long video also shows a lone ring on the woman's finger, suggesting that she is probably married Most users who watched the shocking video said that the woman had a ring on it.

The rest of us that didn't bother with the ring on her finger were treated to a different spectacle- a live dry sex show!

In such an instance I negotiate a higher fee and pay the girl our agreed price then keep the rest. I don’t know if there are others but for me, I know it’s me alone.

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