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However, he wasn’t satisfied with this result — Dr Steven Hoefflin, who performed a second nose job to correct the original operation, said that he was left with breathing difficulties and ‘required further work’1983, left: Publicising his best-selling album Thriller, Michael has got rid of his teenage afro and is wearing skin-lightening make-up.

His nose seems to have been thinned again and cheek implants have been inserted. ” I said: “Michael, if that’s what you want, if it’s gonna make you feel better, get it done.”1995, left: Jackson, 37, is extremely pale thanks to frequent skin bleaching by a dermatologist and heavy use of make-up. His friend, illusionist Uri Geller, asked why he was changing his appearance.

He liked the effect so much he had a third nose job the following year, increased the size of the cheek implants and had his eyelids ‘lifted’, which reduces bagginess and removes excess skin. After a fourth or fifth nose job, his nostrils have started to assume a triangular look. Geller says he replied: ‘I don’t want to look like my father.’ By now Michael was married to Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley. 2002, right: He has taped his nose, apparently to stop fluid from botched surgery from leaking into his mouth. Leading rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Pamela Lipkin said: ‘I think something in his nose, a graft, an implant, has now come out through the skin and that’s why he’s probably got a hole in his skin.

(In 1992 he was spotted wearing a prosthetic nose tip to try to cover up the botched results of the surgery.) He has a new dimple in his chin and has had chin implants to make it larger. He has what we call an end-stage nose, one that’s beyond the point of no return’2003, left: Looking more feminine shortly after the birth of his third child, Blanket.

IN WHAT exotic colours present knowledge allows us to repaint the past!

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