My dad dating my mother law

But if they continue dating and decide they want to get married, doesn't that mean my boyfriend and I would now be brother and sister? -- Betrayed DEAR BETRAYED: If you truly believe that your boyfriend's mother and your father marrying would magically turn you two into siblings, then -- please -- do not get married and procreate.

As a child, my husband's family pressured him to undergo laser treatment to have his birthmark mostly or completely removed. Other than him being teased a bit as a child, his birthmark was mostly a nonissue.

However, I believe some of his anti-social behavior stems from that.

Dear Prudie, When I was 9 years old, my parents divorced and both remarried. When I was 17, Mom and Stepdad had to move to another city, so I moved in with Dad and Stepmom.

My father's new wife was a much younger and very attractive woman.

I continued to see her during college and even after, when I came home for visits.

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