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"Jess, that wasn't what it looked like," he said, hesitantly coming towards me and trying to hold my hands in his. Everything around me was blurry and I blinked rapidly, shaking my head. " I murmured, watching as people hurried to the cafeteria for lunch. "I'm sorry I really did overreact, I should have let you explain," I mumbled against his shoulder.

I tore them from his grip, a look of hurt plastered across his face. He pulled me away from him and made sure I could read his lips, "Don't apologize, I love you y/n, so so much." "I love you too Cam," I said, wiping away the dried tears that stained my cheeks, "You'll never leave, will you?

Also i have a amazon wish list for those who want to be super awesome and get me something! Working musically with the deaf is hard but she taught me so much. Thank you for accepting my friend request Interesting Bio,funny because I love amusement parks.

As it goes, ignorance and rudeness go hand in hand...

You are a very sweet woman and I was very upset at the rude remarks others had said...

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