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Rance follows the namesake hero who is tasked with finding and protecting the daughter of a guild owner; however, the case turns out to be much deeper than it initially appears to be....

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SAC Gan said the suspect would be remanded for four days.

It is a latecomer to the field, following similar moves by rivals such as Twitter, Snap, Spotify and Reddit.

—the trio of Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller, and Will Young—have released the music video for their new song, “Sex Music.” The four-minute, stop-motion clip was directed, animated, edited, and shot by Paloma Baeza.

Watch it below, and scroll down for Baeza’s statement on the visual.

IPOH: A 29-year-old man has been arrested after his two young relatives were forced to watch pornographic videos and perform oral sex on him.

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