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"Once we had the information we needed, we were able to work effectively with the DA to bring this incident to an appropriate close.”Police told Addison Wednesday that they had charged Merrill, and Addison said she was satisfied that the case was moving ahead.“I just didn’t want any other children to be harmed. That was my big deal in going public with the information,” she said.

She added that she has received calls from people alerting her that Merrill was seeking new child-care positions.

Andrews is now facing 20 charges of voyeurism; police say that’s how many victims have been identified.

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A Vancouver man is facing 20 charges after police say he set up a camera inside a unisex bathroom at his office and recorded at least 30 co-workers using the restroom. According to court records Andrews works at Net Rush, an office in southeast Vancouver where police say someone discovered a spy-camera that was plugged into an electrical outlet.

When investigators reviewed the footage they say they found clear video of intimate body parts and Andrews removing the camera and leaving with it on two occasions.

Keira Knightley was included for her "effortlessly English" style, along with fellow actresses Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson and Kate Winslet.

Watson's new elfin haircut "has given her some serious red carpet cred" while "newly single Kate has mastered the art of red carpet dressing".

Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl once ridiculed for her lack of style, has now earned Vogue's seal of approval.

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