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It’s very windy here in LA.” Her Facebook profile states that she is originally from Pittsburgh.

May appeared in a pictorial with other social media stars on in the fall.

'Moral of the story kids is that if you want to have a part of the discussion, you want to sit at the table, know what you're talking about.'The social media post created controversy among her constituents, saying she 'sounds like a child' and 'unprofessional', reported KFOR.

Republican Representative Josh Cockroft, posted on Facebook Tuesday that social media probably isn't the best way to talk, or argue, politics, subtly taking a jab at his colleague.

A bizarre Snapchat video has emerged of Oklahoma State Representative Tess Teague ranting about work frustrations, taken on May 22, in which she sports bunny ears and uses a high-pitched voice modifier'When you yell profanities outside the Speaker of the House's door, he is not coming out...

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