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She only remembers him as a kid she was forced to play with him when her mom was busy, while all his early memories from bath time, to play time, to learning how to tie his shoe, include her. CURVEBALL - (The kissing) As with the previous parts, the making out in this one is intense. OVERALL - Its worth watching if you're a fan of any of the actors (esp.

Upon meeting again, he aims to heal Joo Yeon's jaded sense of romance. Sung Joon) or if you haven't yet seen this gorgeous boy in action.

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Among independent films, Han Gong-ju, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2013, enjoyed a particularly successful commercial release for a film of its size, after winning a number of high-profile international festival awards.

In May, the Cannes Film Festival played host to three Korean features, none in competition: debut feature A Girl at My Door, produced by Lee Chang-dong, in Un Certain Regard; thriller A Hard Day in Director's Fortnight; and The Target, a remake of the 2009 French thriller Point Blank.

Meanwhile, the Sewol ferry disaster in April brought about a widespread sense of pessimism and despondency in Korean society as a whole.

It also caused some concern for the film industry, given that several of the summer season's most anticipated releases (Roaring Currents, Haemoo, Pirates) are maritime action/thrillers.

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