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I felt like I had to go poop, and I went to the bathroom. If it's dark it is from higher in the digestive tract and is signaling trouble. another ER first is of you have symptoms of a stroke.

Find out what to expect from your baby's bowel movements: How often babies usually poop, what color the poop should be, and how to deal with watery poop or hard stools.

Pole Position, or Stripper Pole Position as it was known in Japan.

Flies are pretty complex organisms in their own right but, you know, less so than we are.

Cognigni and colleagues discovered a lot digging around in fruit fly guts. It turns out that sex actually alters the physiology of the female fruit fly’s gut.

I went to one with a uti on the weekend because I was miserable and it cost me 400. They never found the source of the bleeding, they decided it was from being very constipated after delivery, after I got home had a very painful bowel movement,bleeding started next day.

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