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Divya and her friend Maya (Hazel Keech) call Lovely; with Divya pretending to be Chaya, a girl madly in love with Lovely, hoping this will distract him from his work.Initially hesitant, Lovely gradually starts loving the mysterious Chhaya and looks forward to her calls, but doesn't realize that it is actually Divya.It is a remake of the director's own 2010 Malayalam film of the same name starring Dileep and Nayantara.

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Vijay was brought up by his uncle and was always absent on his birthdays.

He is in charge of a case where the district collector has been murdered and burned to death.

When the camera switches to face Darcy, the drink is still visible as if in her hand.

See more » When I first started watching Bollywood flicks back in the day, I was always on my high horse (being a connoisseur of independent and foreign cinema that I am), and I was constantly berating these movies which always had seemingly trite plots, typical main characters, and a number of flaws spawning from lazy scriptwriting/editing.

Meanwhile, Lovely protects Divya on many occasions from the attacks of Ranjan Mahatre and his goons.

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